Proper Roller Rink Etiquette


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro skater, there are some written and unwritten rules that everyone must follow in order to keep a day at the skating rink fun and safe. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling on quad or inline skates, young or old, you come to Rainbow Roller Rink to have a great time.

Here are a few tips to skate with the proper etiquette so that can help ensure the good times keep on rolling.

Know Your Ability Level

No one is a perfect skater and half the fun is pushing yourself to get better. However, it’s important to know what you are currently capable of. Trying to go too fast before you’re ready or trying to pull off a trick without the proper skill level can get you and other skaters seriously injured.

Go with the Flow

At the rink, there is one dominant direction of traffic flow. Don’t skate against traffic. You’ll make experienced skaters mad and put everyone on the floor at risk.

Slow Skaters to the Right

A norm across most skating rinks is that slow skaters and beginners should stay to the outer periphery so they don’t get in the way of faster, more advanced skaters.

Have Fun at Your Own Pace

Skating is all about having fun, but this means different things to different people. You don’t have to put yourself in a dangerous position or try anything you’re not comfortable trying just to look cool or impress anyone. Go at your own pace and enjoy what you are doing without worrying about anyone else.

To find out more about the do’s and don’ts at Rainbow Roller Rink, give us a call or just pop in and take a lesson from one of our expert instructors any time there is open skating!

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