Exercise Isn’t Work at Rainbow Roller Rink!

When you were making your New Year’s Resolutions, did you resolve to get in better shape? Millions of people do! Getting fit is one of the top resolutions every year, but unfortunately, a lot of people will get discouraged and abandon their goals with a few months, or even weeks. At Rainbow Roller Rink we’re really familiar with this cycle, and we’d like to propose an alternative to traditional gyms: the roller skating rink!stretching-498256_1920

You read that right–roller skating is great exercise. Check out all the health benefits of roller skating:

    • Burns Calories. Cardio exercise is great for burning calories! An hour of moderate skating burns up to 750 extra calories depending on your weight and speed, and you’ll enjoy yourself so much you won’t even notice the time passing.
    • Improves Endurance. Just like running, jogging, or any other cardio exercise, skating is great for your lungs, heart, respiratory system, and brain. As an added bonus, it’s much easier on your knees and ankles than running is!
    • Strengthens Muscles. Your legs will get a great workout while you’re skating, but that’s not all. You’ll also improve the strength and definition of your arms and shoulders as you keep yourself balanced, and your abdomen and back (also known as your core) will benefit tremendously.
    • Kills Stress. How can you not benefit from spending time in a fun environment listening to great music and getting all the mood-boosting benefits of endorphins?

No matter why you’re looking to get fit in 2018, Rainbow Roller Rink is the place to do it! Check out our open skate times and come visit us for great exercise and fun!

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