Love Your Skates and They’ll Love You!

Owning roller skates of your own is a fun way to get the best fit for your skating needs, but they’re also an investment. High-end skates, in particular, can cost quite a bit! At Rainbow Roller Rink in North Tonawanda, we want your roller skate purchase to last you a long time. Once your skates are laced correctly, you’re ready to move into more advanced skate care. Here are some tips on how to maintain your roller skatesskate care

  • Check your Wheels. Are your wheels spinning properly? They should spin freely without obstruction. Are they dirty, gunky, worn, or even chipped or cracked? Dirty wheels can be removed, cleaned, and put back on. Broken or very worn wheels should be replaced. Just like on a car, sub-optimal wheels on your skates will hinder performance. They can also be dangerous!
  • Stay Dry. The inside of roller skate boots can become damp, whether from spills, puddles, or just foot sweat. Wipe down your skates inside and out every time you take them off. Unlace them and leave them to air dry naturally. Don’t put your skates near a heating source to dry them–this can damage them.
  • Adjust Accordingly. If your skates come with an adjustable toe-stop, experiment to see which positioning works best for you. Even if your toe-stop isn’t adjustable, you’ll still want to make sure it’s tightly attached.
  • Keep on Truckin’. The “truck” is the metal piece that holds the wheel axles. Most skaters want their skates’ trucks to be tight and secure, so don’t forget to adjust them if needed. Even advanced skaters who loosen theirs for more mobility should check them regularly to make sure they aren’t too loose.

If you have questions about roller skate rental, don’t forget to talk to the experts at the Rainbow Roller Rink Pro Shop

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