6 Reasons to have a Skating Party

Parties at Rainbow Roller Rink in North Tonawanda, New York are very popular, and many days, you will see colorful table settings adorning sections of our party area. There is no easier place to celebrate special occasions! We can accommodate small parties as well as large parties, birthday parties and group outings. Here are 6 reasons why you should have your next party a skating party: party balloons

It’s fun!

Roller Skating is fun you can feel. It combines exercise, a place to gather with family and friends, and gives children a safe place to enjoy a sport in an adult supervised facility. With all of that, roller skating is just plain fun!

Easy to organize

We help you plan your event down to the last detail. Our friendly staff members in our booking department will make sure your party is ready to be the talk of the town!

Parties at Rainbow Rink are affordable

Our different party packages make having a roller skating party affordable for any budget.

Large skating rink and facility

Roller skating is our main focus at Rainbow Roller Rink and kids of all ages love to skate on our real maple wood skating floor.

We have fun for a living

We party for a living and trust us when we say we know all the best ways to make your time at our skating center fun and exciting!

Roller Skating is Healthy Exercise

Not many sports let you burn calories standing still; so get rolling for up to 500 calories burned each hour.

Give us a call today at (716) 693-1100 to book your next birthday party or group outing!

Learn How to Roller Skate with these 4 Tips

Learning a new skill is a nerve-racking experience in the best of times. Strapping wheels to your feet and trying to learn balance, control, and speed is nothing short of scary. Whether you’re old or young, just learning or teaching your kids, here are Rainbow Rink’s 4 favorite skating tips to make the lessons a little easier.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Learn to skate.

Learn to Skate at Rainbow Rink!

When you’re learning a new sport, the last thing you want is to feel constricted. Wear loose, comfortable clothing when learning to skate. If you’re worried about falling, consider wearing protective gear like knee pads and wrist guards.

Use your knees.

A beginner skater’s best defense against falling is knowing how to use your knees. Bend your knees slightly when skating to give yourself better control. If you feel yourself falling, hit your knees instead of catching yourself with your hands. This cushions your fall and limits wrist or hand injuries. Practice falling to your knees on the carpet before you venture onto the skating floor.

Stick to the wall.

When you’re learning to skate, it’s best not to push yourself too far too fast. Skate near the wall until you’re comfortable on your skates. Skating by the wall gives you balance and guidance, and keeps you out of the way of faster, more experienced skaters.

Buy your own skates.

If you’re ready to invest in a new hobby, it pays to fully commit. When you buy your own roller-skates, you’re guaranteeing a set of wheels that’s fitted to your size, skill, and level of experience. Buy skates for speed, maneuverability, or tricks. As you skate the boots will mold to your feet, making it easier to control your wheels (and stay comfortable) when skating.

Still not steady on your skates? Practice during our Summer Afternoon Skating Sessions before rolling into busier weekend skate events.

Welcome to the Rainbow Roller Rink Blog!

Welcome to the new Rainbow Roller Rink website! Rainbow has been your destination for family fun in North Tonawanda, NY since you were roller skating! We are the same great family fun facility now with a brand new website for you to stay up to date with our latest events, seasonal schedule changes, and news. roller skates

Check back every once in a while for new information about roller skating for a family event, booking a birthday party for your children, or even raising money for your school or non-profit organization. Our roller derby teams are great ways to get involved in the community and meet new people.

Throughout the year, we update our hours based on the school schedule. Check our hours and prices page often to stay in the loop when we will have special openings for school holidays.

Discount rates are available for day cares, church groups, scouts, and more! Bringing your group to Rainbow is a great way to do something new with your team.

When you’re ready to celebrate, make sure you join us here! We have a birthday or party package that perfects your needs and will make your child’s birthday an event they will never forget! We are the birthday experts in North Tonawanda, NY!