Love Your Skates and They’ll Love You!

Owning roller skates of your own is a fun way to get the best fit for your skating needs, but they’re also an investment. High-end skates, in particular, can cost quite a bit! At Rainbow Roller Rink in North Tonawanda, we want your roller skate purchase to last you a long time. Once your skates are laced correctly, you’re ready to move into more advanced skate care. Here are some tips on how to maintain your roller skatesskate care

  • Check your Wheels. Are your wheels spinning properly? They should spin freely without obstruction. Are they dirty, gunky, worn, or even chipped or cracked? Dirty wheels can be removed, cleaned, and put back on. Broken or very worn wheels should be replaced. Just like on a car, sub-optimal wheels on your skates will hinder performance. They can also be dangerous!
  • Stay Dry. The inside of roller skate boots can become damp, whether from spills, puddles, or just foot sweat. Wipe down your skates inside and out every time you take them off. Unlace them and leave them to air dry naturally. Don’t put your skates near a heating source to dry them–this can damage them.
  • Adjust Accordingly. If your skates come with an adjustable toe-stop, experiment to see which positioning works best for you. Even if your toe-stop isn’t adjustable, you’ll still want to make sure it’s tightly attached.
  • Keep on Truckin’. The “truck” is the metal piece that holds the wheel axles. Most skaters want their skates’ trucks to be tight and secure, so don’t forget to adjust them if needed. Even advanced skaters who loosen theirs for more mobility should check them regularly to make sure they aren’t too loose.

If you have questions about roller skate rental, don’t forget to talk to the experts at the Rainbow Roller Rink Pro Shop

Fun Family Fitness Ahead!

Between work, errands, and the mayhem of the back-to-school season, it’s almost impossible to stick to an exercise routine. And with the lingering heat of summer, most kids wind up playing video games instead of playing outside. Did you know that you can get fun, fitness, and sweet, cool air conditioning all in one place? Rainbow Roller Rink is here to save the day!

Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Skating isn’t just a fun way to pass the time. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy that has real health benefits. How is skating good for your health?

  • inline-speed-skating-2460834_1920It burns calories. If you just couldn’t say not to those after-school cookies, it’s okay. Skating is a great way to burn calories. An average-sized adult can burn 9 or 10 calories per minute skating. That adds up fast!
  • It builds muscles. Skating is a great lower body exercise, working muscles in your calves, quads, and glutes. It’s also a great way to build core strength, and depending on your form, you can even work an arm workout into your routine.
  • It’s good for your heart. Roller skating strengthens your muscles, and that includes the heart! In fact, the American Heart Association lists skating as a top exercise for heart health.
  • It’s low impact. Do your joints ache from running, jumping, and climbing at the gym? We have great news for you! Skating is low impact, which means it puts minimal stress on your joints. That makes it great for cross training, daily fitness, or fun family workouts.
  • It’s good for mental health too. Regular exercise is shown to reduce stress and improve mood, leaving people happier, more focused, and better able to rest.

Anyone can learn to roller-skate! And if your younger kids aren’t confident on the skating floor just yet, they can bounce off that extra energy (and those after-school snacks) in the Bounce Zone. Rainbow Roller Rink is here to help your family stay healthy and have fun.

Tips for Learning How To Skate

kid skaters

Roller skating is a ton of fun and has been keeping people of all ages entertained and in shape for almost 100 years! However, it does have a bit of a learning curve. Once you get the hang of it, though, you’ll understand what the craze is all about.

Luckily, learning to skate is pretty easy and with a little practice, you could be zipping around the rink with the best of them. Check out these tips for learning how to skate and then come check us out in person at Rainbow Roller Rink in Tonawanda!

Safety First!

Learning to skate is not dangerous as long as you wear the proper safety equipment. When looking for the right safety equipment, you want to find pads for your knees and elbow that are thin but also durable. You can check out our pro shop for pads, helmets, skates and more.

Learn On an Even Surface

Learning to skate at the rink is the best way to get the knack. At Rainbow, our floor is smooth, level and free of debris. Skating outdoors can be a lot of fun, but if you’re just starting out, one tiny little pebble can ruin your whole day.

Stay Loose and Bend Your Knees

A common mistake with new skaters is the tendency to lock up the knees. You want to make sure you keep your hips loose and your knees slightly bent. This will help with maintaining balance and proper posture while you start to feel out the fun of roller skating.

Remember to Use Your Arms

Skating is a full-body exercise. To get going, you’re going to need to use your arms almost as much as your legs. Once you’re ready to push off from the wall, make sure to swing the opposite arm from the leg that is pushing your skates and keep them in sync with each push.

So now that you know the basics, what are you waiting for? It’s time to have some fun!

Proper Roller Rink Etiquette


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or pro skater, there are some written and unwritten rules that everyone must follow in order to keep a day at the skating rink fun and safe. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling on quad or inline skates, young or old, you come to Rainbow Roller Rink to have a great time.

Here are a few tips to skate with the proper etiquette so that can help ensure the good times keep on rolling.

Know Your Ability Level

No one is a perfect skater and half the fun is pushing yourself to get better. However, it’s important to know what you are currently capable of. Trying to go too fast before you’re ready or trying to pull off a trick without the proper skill level can get you and other skaters seriously injured.

Go with the Flow

At the rink, there is one dominant direction of traffic flow. Don’t skate against traffic. You’ll make experienced skaters mad and put everyone on the floor at risk.

Slow Skaters to the Right

A norm across most skating rinks is that slow skaters and beginners should stay to the outer periphery so they don’t get in the way of faster, more advanced skaters.

Have Fun at Your Own Pace

Skating is all about having fun, but this means different things to different people. You don’t have to put yourself in a dangerous position or try anything you’re not comfortable trying just to look cool or impress anyone. Go at your own pace and enjoy what you are doing without worrying about anyone else.

To find out more about the do’s and don’ts at Rainbow Roller Rink, give us a call or just pop in and take a lesson from one of our expert instructors any time there is open skating!

Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

The summer can be fun for kids, but it can also be hot. Sometimes hot weather can be enjoyable, but it can also be dangerous. Sunburns and dehydration are both real risks during the summer months. Here are a couple tips to stay cool this summer while having a blast.


  • Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to keeping your body temperature regulated. It is crucial that kids drink plenty of water everyday, especially when the weather is as hot as it is. There are apps on your phone that can help you remember to drink water, one of which is Plant Nanny, which is fun for kids, too. The app gives you a plant to grow. In order to grow your plant, you must drink a certain amount of water and record it in the app. It is a fun way to remember to stay hydrated and highly recommended for kids.

  • Stay Inside

While it is important for kids to get outside and get active, they shouldn’t be outside for too long, especially when the sun is high. Plan some indoor activities for kids that are both fun and active. One fun activity is to bring your kids to Rainbow Roller Rink. Come for a day of skating and snacks. Your kids can challenge their friends in different activities and experience the health benefits of roller skating. Summer is also a great time to exercise kids’ minds! Reading is important in developing vocabulary and communication skills. Encourage your child to read at least 30 minutes each day. This will keep them inside and cool. When they complete their daily reading, reward them with a trip to Rainbow Roller Rink!

Staying cool is very important for your health. At Rainbow Roller Rink we want to help you stay inside and cool. For our hours and rates, please visit our website and contact us with any questions you may have.

Brand New Summer Specials

summer roller skatingWe know what your family is looking for: you want something different from the same old summer activities. Something to switch up your routine. Well at Rainbow Roller Rink in Tonawanda, NY we are giving you just that. We have a number of special events planned this summer that are sure to mix things up a bit.

Skate Park

Located right behind Rainbow Roller Rink is our skate park. The skate park will be open only during our normal hours as long as the weather is good. Please keep in mind that you must bring your own set of wheels to participate.

Children’s Skating Classes

If you want your kids to have an easy, healthy place to spend afternoons, they should know the basic skills required to skate. Rainbow Roller Rink wants to help provide your youngsters with those skills. For just $6 our certified skating instructors will teach your kids to roller-skate in a 45 minute session.

Christian Music Night

Our DJ’s are known for playing some of the hottest tracks of the year. Join us every Monday night from 5-8pm to skate to your favorite Christian music. This night is great for youth groups or anybody looking to experience a positive skating experience.

Family Deal

The summer season can be a great opportunity for families to spend time together. We’re offering a family deal that will give you a space to do just that. Switch it up from your normal game night and come in for a fun-filled family night of skating.

Fiesta Friday

This is certainly an event you will not want to miss. We will offer you the opportunity to skate, only this time it will include FOOD! $12 will cover the costs of admission, skate rental, soda and all you can eat pizza. That’s one of the best deals in town.

Make this summer one to remember. You don’t want to miss our special events. To reserve space for parties or for general inquiries, contact Rainbow Roller Rink.

5 Reasons To Visit Us This Summer

As you sit back and wonder what to do with all of your free time this summer, refer to the advice in our blog for fun daily activities at Rainbow Roller Rink in Tonawanda, New York. Here are five reasons to visit Rainbow Roller Rink this summer.


  1. Fun way to spend time with family and friends

The summer is the time to spend time with the people around you. We believe roller-skating is one of the best ways to do that. Our skating rink is big enough for families or group of friends to skate together at the same time. For the parents, summer is a great time for you to teach your kids how to skate!

  1. It is healthy

Roller-skating has been known to exercise different muscles in your body and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Our inexpensive rates and welcoming facility give you the opportunity to stay in shape while having fun all summer long. For more information about the health benefits of roller-skating check this out.

  1. It’s affordable

The last thing we want is for money to be the reason you don’t spend time with us this summer. Please contact us to find out more about our rates and offerings.

  1. Multiple fun activities

Our facility has multiple fun activities for you all summer long! We have a fantastic skating rink for you to show off all of your skills. We have a bounce zone that is certain to help you bounce into a great summer. We also have a game zone that is better than most arcades. This area gives you the opportunity to challenge your friends and climb up the leaderboards.

  1. We throw great parties

If you have a birthday that falls during the summer, stay out of the sun and come enjoy a fun day at Rainbow Roller Rink with your friends! Book your birthday party now.

This Summer Is Coming Up Rainbows!

Summer fun is heating up. Cool down at Rainbow Roller Rink! We’re a family entertainment center with roller-skating, a Bounce Zone, and an arcade, so kids can play all day without getting bored. What’s the best part? Our facilities are air conditioned so you won’t need to worry about overheating or getting sunburned! If you’re ready for a fresh, fun summer field trip, book a group event at Rainbow Roller Rink.

Summer Skating for Groups

happy kids with counselorDo you want an excursion that’s as much fun for the counselors as it is for the kids? Roller-skating is a great activity for summer camps, daycare centers, church groups and VBS classes, sports teams, and year-round schools. Break out of the ordinary, day-to-day routine with a fun adventure that will keep the kids moving, laughing, and making lifelong memories. We have a variety of field trips, private events, and fundraiser options for summer skating groups.

  • Private party: 2 hours of fun for 150 guests. Perfect for big kids’ summer camps in North Tonawanda.
  • Field trip: Just $6 per student, rentals included! Teach the kids about the science of motion, the health benefits of roller-skating, and more.
  • Fundraiser: Here’s how it works: you advertise the event, your guests pay to skate, and we give you a $2 rebate for every admission. It’s a risk-free fundraiser that’s fun for all!
  • Late night party: Great for child or adult groups, late night parties are available Saturday nights from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am. Treat campers to a not-quite-all-night lock-in to cap off a great week!
  • Private birthday bash: Are you celebrating a special event? Don’t skimp on the guest list. Invite up to 50 skaters (with an optional add-on of 10 extra guests) for an epic bash that includes pizza and drinks, discount coupons, skating and rentals, and more add-on options than you could possibly need.

Call Rainbow Roller Rink today to book your summer group event.

Uncomfortable Skates? Adjust the Laces!


Improperly fitting roller skates can be extremely frustrating, and if you are a beginner, it can bend that learning curve even more than it already was. But a skate that doesn’t fit quite right, doesn’t always mean that you selected the wrong size for your foot. While this is a very definite possibility, you may also just need to simply adjust the laces.  Like skates, feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes minor tweaks need to be made. Rainbow Skateland in Lockport, NY wants to see everyone in our rink having nothing less than a great time! So, follow these lacing tips if you are someone who is struggling with this.

  • High Arches? If you have really high arches that cause the tops of your feet to be raised a little higher than most, relieve that pressure. Roller skates are supposed to be a little snug, but not uncomfortable.
  • Is your heel slipping? If this is you, and you have been fitted for skates by someone who is knowledgable, try this lacing technique that will help alleviate this issue.
  • Toe problems? Let’s raise them up a bit! This particular lacing method will help to alleviate hammer toes, toe corn, nail problems and any other painful toes issues you might experience with your toes.

Join us at our rink! Check out our schedule, and plan your next visit!

Celebrate National Roller Skating Month!

The Roller Skating Association International (RSA) will be kicking off National Roller Skating Month with the theme “From the Rink to the Rings”. It is an important message that roller skating isn’t just America’s favorite pastime, it’s also a stepping stone to a healthier and brighter future. In addition to the poster model, Chad Hedrick, winningest speed skater of all time, many famous Olympians began in the roller skating rink including Apollo Ono, J.R. Celski, Brian Boitano, Jennifer Rodriguez, Derek Parra, Brittany Bowe and more. This year’s poster represents the road Chad took to become an Olympic medalist starting with his years of training in the roller skating rink to winning five Olympic medals and 52 titles as a World Champion Inline Speed Skater. national roller skating month

The RSA wants people to know that roller skating is one of the few activities that provides a complete aerobic workout for over 640 of the body’s muscles – especially the heart. To kick off the celebration early, the RSA spent the weekend in New York at Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play sharing with more than 5,000 children the joys of roller skating! Families, kids, and teens are encouraged to dedicate themselves to achieving an active lifestyle.

The RSA is encouraging participants to post their photos to social media using the hashtag #NRSM to show their roller skating adventures!

President’s Challenge and Let’s Move Show Support of National Roller Skating Month

We are proud to announce that the Roller Skating Association International has garnered the support of The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition and Let’s Move Program with the mission of keeping kids active and healthy in a safe environment.

The President’s Challenge is a program that encourages all Americans to make being active an important part of their everyday lives. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-258-8146.

Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. For more information visit

The National Roller Skating Month Campaign is sponsored by: Pepsi, JBL Trinity Group and Kids Skate Free and is supported by the Let’s Move Program and the President’s Challenge Program.

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